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Golden Spike found on 4th clue

By a fluke,  the spike was found. A freshman thought it was something on the ground.   Congratulations to Maddy Bennett , A $50 prize she did inherit.   She found it on clue number four, The find was quite the score.   Thanks for playing, hope it’s been fun, The Golden Spike Treasure Hunt…

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Fire at city hall contained

Fire contained in City hall A fire in Proctor City Hall was quickly contained Thursday afternoon.  Eight fire trucks from four departments responded to a call around 3 p.m.  The building was quickly evacuated. Fire Chief Kerry Helquist was in the building when the alarms went off. The cause of the fire is believed to…

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150 years ago speech helped create Proctor

Proctor missed another important historic date. It was 150 years ago on January 27, 1871 James Proctor Knott delivered a satirical speech in the House known as Duluth! or The Untold Delights of Duluth. The speech ridiculed a bill subsidizing westward expansions of railroads. The speech is sometimes reprinted in collections of humorous speeches or…

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Fighting for our newspapers

By U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar —   On May 7th of last year, the Hastings Star Gazette printed its last issue. The paper’s first issue as The Hastings Independent was published in 1857, a year before Minnesota gained statehood. Generations relied on papers like this for local news—they told you who was born and who died, whose daughter just…

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“Loni” Anderson promoted to Brigadier General

“Loni” Anderson promoted to Brigadier General Brigadier General Len “Loni” Anderson, a Proctor native, was promoted to Brigadier General on June 3rd. He is currently the Deputy Commanding General of Joint Task Force ARES/Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group. A 1989 Proctor graudate, Anderson was commissioned in 1993 upon graduation from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He…

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Proctor’s DWI chair Jeopardy question

© Proctor Journal Proctor’s infamous DWI chair has officially become a national icon. On Mon., Mar. 14 it became a jeopardy question. The question appeared under the category “Dumb Criminals.” It was the fourth category on the board and the final and most valued question at $1,000. It was situated between “Habla Espanol?” and “We…

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