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Rails Homecoming Week Golden Spike Treasure Hunt

Rails Homecoming WeekGolden Spike Found


Rails Homecoming Week underway.  The Proctor Journal is helping celebrate the week with a Proctor student edition of their Golden Spike Treasure Hunt.

The spike was found on the fifth clue Thursday night by Aiden and Gabby Gallagher.

For those playing along and searching here are the remaining clues:

  1. You must look left, right, up and down, But do not waste time right downtown.
  2. North and south won’t help a lot, Now your warm, but not quite hot.
  3. Seek a public gather place, That you can embrace.
  4. This clue could help you find the spike, A ring is something you might like.
  5. Keep on looking and do not look back, Find a place on your side of the track.
  6. Your are getting close, your are on a roll, But working hard takes it’s toll.
  7. People say that you’re no fool, The word is out, you’re old school.
  8. Look at how a garden grows,  Find yourself a single rose.
  9. You’re a saint if you can find,The secret spot I had in mind.
  10. Your searching now is going well, You should come in under the bell.

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