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DTA buses detour for 2nd St. project

The DTA began detouring their buses last week due to Proctor’s 2nd Street project that began on June 1.


Notices were posted the day construction began.


This construction will require Proctor Route 3 buses to detour as follows.


Route 3 From Downtown:

Buses will take regular route to 2nd Street and North 5th Avenue (the first intersection after crossing the railroad tracks), then detour by turning right on North 5th Avenue which then curves to the left and becomes 4th Street. Continue along 4th Street to North 9th Avenue, turn right and run to 6th Street, turn left and run to Ugstad Road, turn left and run to 4th Street, turn left and continue to the layover location.


Route 3 To Downtown:

From the layover, buses will continue along 4th Street past North 7th Avenue and follow thru the curve all the way to 2nd Street, turn left and return to regular route.

This will be a long-term detour. There may be delays at the railroad tracks, but buses will be allowed through.

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