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NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S FORECLOSURE SALE STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF ST. LOUIS DISTRICT COURT SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT Case Type: 14: Foreclosure by Action/Money Judgment Court File No. 69DU-CV-22-600 PARK STATE BANK Plaintiff, v. ESTATE OF MURRAY J. SIEMSEN, KENNETH D. BUTLER, PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE, AND MEGAN ROSZA SIEMSEN, Defendants. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that under and by virtue of Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Order for Judgment and Judgment (the “Order”) in the above entitled action dated July 29, 2022, a copy of which has been delivered to me, I, the undersigned Sheriff/Deputy of St. Louis County, Minnesota, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, on the 19th day of October, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. In the office of the St. Louis County Sheriff, 100 North Fifth Avenue West, Room 103, Duluth, Minnesota 55802, the real property located in St. Louis County, Minnesota described as: The Southwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter (SE 1//4 of NE ¼), Except the West Half (W ½) lying South of Highway No. 2 thereof and also except that portion of Southeast Quarter of Northeast Quarter (SE ¼ of NE ¼) lying North of Highway No. 2 thereof, of Section 1, in Township 50, North of Range 18, West of the Fourth Principal Meridian. (Property address: 8338 Highway 2, Saginaw, Minnesota 55779; PIN: 535-0010-00040) Said Sale will be made to satisfy amounts adjudged and due plaintiff and described in the Order with reference to that certain mortgage dated June 22, 2017, and recorded July 10, 2017, as Document No. 986955.0, in the office of the Registrar of Titles, St. Louis County, Minnesota, and subject to redemption by the mortgagor, or the mortgagor’s personal representatives or assigns, within six months from the date of confirmation of the sheriff’s sale. HOMESTEAD DESIGNATION NOTICE In accordance with Minnesota Statute § 550.175, you are notified by the foreclosing mortgagee that: ‘IF PART OF THE PROPERTY TO BE SOLD CONTAINS YOUR HOUSE, YOU MAY DESIGNATE AN AREA AS A HOMESTEAD TO BE SOLD AND REDEEMED SEPARATELY. YOU MAY DESIGNATE THE HOUSE YOU OCCUPY AND ANY AMOUNT OF THE PROPERTY AS A HOMESTEAD. THE DESIGNATED HOMESTEAD PROPERTY MUST CONFORM TO THE LOCAL ZONING ORDINANCES AND BE COMPACT SO THAT IT DOES NOT UNREASONABLE REDUCE THE VALUE OF THE REMAINING PROPERTY. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE CREDITOR CAUSING THIS PROPERTY TO BE SOLD. THE SHERIFF AND THE COUNTY RECORDER WITH A COPY OF THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THE HOMESTEAD YOU HAVE DESIGNATED BY TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE DATE THE PROPERTY IS TO BE SOLD.” SEPARATE TRACT DESIGNATION NOTICE In accordance with Minnesota Statute § 582.042, you are notified by the foreclosing mortgagee that: ‘IF THE PROPERTY TO BE SOLD CONTAINS SEPARATE TRACTS, YOU MAY REQUEST THAT THE TRACTS BE SOLD AND REDEEMED SEPARATELY. EACH OF THE SEPARATE TRACTS MUST CONFORM TO LOCAL ZONING ORDINANCES, MUST HAVE AN ENTRANCE BY DIRECT ACCESS TO A PUBLIC ROAD OR BY PERMANENT EASEMENT, AND MUST NOT UNREASONABLY AFFECT THE VALUE OF THE REMAINING PROPERTY. YOU MUST PROVIDE THE PERSON FORECLOSING ON THE PROPERTY, THE SHERIFF, AND THE COUNTY RECORDER WITH A COPY OF THE LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS OF EACH OF THE TRACTS YOU HAVE DESIGNATED TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY BY TEN BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE DATE THE PROPERTY IS TO BE SOLD. Dated: August 16, 2022. By: Sgt. C M Nylund 5212 Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff, St. Louis County, MN C M Nylund, #5212 Attorneys for Plaintiff: Robert R. Kanuit (#0252530) Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith & Frederick, P.A. 302 West Superior Street, Suite 700 Duluth, MN 55802 (218) 725-6836 P.J. – August 25 and September 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2022



NOTICE AND ORDER OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF ST. LOUIS SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT DISTRICT COURT PROBATE DIVISION Court File No. 69DU-PR-22-323 Estate of Helen M. Muhvic, Decedent It is Ordered and Notice is given that on Oct. 11, 2022, at 2:00 p.m., a hearing will be held in this Court at 100 N. 5th Avenue W. Duluth, Minnesota, for the formal probate of an instrument purporting to be the Will of the Decedent dated, June 29, 2009, (“Will”), and for the appointment of Sarah Muhvic, whose address is 4612 1/2 Ridge Cliffe Drive, Eagan, MN 55122 as Personal Representative of the Estate of the Decedent in an UNSUPERVISED administration. Any objections to the petition must be filed with the Court prior to or raised at the hearing. If proper and if no objections are filed or raised, the Personal Representative will be appointed with full power to administer the Estate including the power to collect all assets, to pay all legal debts, claims, taxes and expenses, to sell real and personal property, and to do all necessary acts for the Estate. Notice is also given that (subject to Minnesota Statutes section 524.3-801) all creditors having claims against the Estate are required to present the claims to the Personal Representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this Notice or the claims will be barred. A charitable beneficiary may request notice of the probate proceeding be given to the Attorney General pursuant to Minnesota Statutes section 501B.41, subdivision 5. Dated: August 30, 2022 (COURT SEAL) BY THE COURT Jill A. Eichenwald Judge of District Court Amy Turnquist Court Administrator Debra Thorstensen Deputy Attorney for Petitioner Christopher Dahlberg Dahlberg Law Office, PA 130 W. Superior Street, Suite 730 Duluth, MN, 55802 Attorney License No: 0323998 Telephone: (218) 722-5809 FAX: (218) 722-3785 Email: P. J. – September 8 and 15, 2022


 Court File No. 69DU-CV-22-1829
Case Type: 14. Other Civil
(Quiet Title)
Shawn D. Turner,
Unknown heirs of Asa E. Ryan, deceased;
Unknown heirs of Rose F. Ryan, a/k/a Rosa F. Ryan, deceased;
Unknown heirs of Donald Raymond Turner, deceased;
Unknown heirs of Donald Edmund Turner, deceased;
Unknown heirs of Timothy Lee Turner, deceased;
Ashley Brooke Turner;
Gretchen Lea Turner;
Unknown heirs of Catherine Ann DeWitt, deceased;
Judith Ann Patterson;
Unknown heirs of Frances Helen Ryan, deceased;
Unknown heirs of Mabel Dyer, a/k/a Mabel R. Dyer, Mabel Ryan, deceased;
Millicent Marr Kidder;
Karen J. Norton;
Unknown heirs of Asa Frederick Ryan, a/k/a Jake Ryan, deceased;
Unknown heirs of David Nelson Ryan, deceased;
Andrea Green, a/k/a Andrea Ryan;
Jamie Patterson;
Richard F. Ryan;
and all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, interest or lien in the real estate described in the Complaint herein,
1.  YOU ARE BEING SUED.  The Plaintiff has started a lawsuit against you. The Plaintiff’s Complaint against you is attached to this Summons.  Do not throw these papers away. They are official papers that affect your rights. You must respond to this lawsuit even though it may not yet be filed with the Court and there may be no court file number on this Summons.
2.  YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN 20 DAYS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.  You must give or mail to the person who signed this summons a written response called an Answer within 20 days of the date on which you received this Summons. You must send a copy of your Answer to the person who signed this Summons located at:  HANFT FRIDE, A Professional Association, 130 W. Superior Street, 1000 US Bank Place,  Duluth, MN 55802.
3.  YOU MUST RESPOND TO EACH CLAIM.  The Answer is your written response to the Plaintiff’s Complaint.  In your Answer you must state whether you agree or disagree with each paragraph of the Complaint.  If you believe the Plaintiff should not be given everything asked for in the Complaint, you must say so in your Answer.
4.  YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CASE IF YOU DO NOT SEND A WRITTEN RESPONSE TO THE COMPLAINT TO THE PERSON WHO SIGNED THIS SUMMONS.  If you do not answer within 20 days, you will lose this case. You will not get to tell your side of the story, and the Court may decide against you and award the Plaintiffs everything asked for in the Complaint. If you do not want to contest the claims stated in the Complaint, you do not need to respond.  A default judgment can then be entered against you for the relief requested in the Complaint.
5.  LEGAL ASSISTANCE.  You may wish to get legal help from a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, the Court Administrator may have information about places where you can get legal assistance. Even if you cannot get legal help, you must still provide a written Answer to protect your rights or you may lose the case.
6. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION.  The parties may agree to or be ordered to participate in an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice. You must still send your written response to the Complaint even if you expect to use alternative means of resolving this dispute.
7.  THIS LAWSUIT MAY AFFECT OR BRING INTO QUESTION TITLE TO REAL PROPERTY located in St. Louis County, State of Minnesota, as follows:
Lots 2 and 3, Block 6,
Lots 5 and 6, Block 6,
Lots 9 through 12, Block 9, EAGLES NEST
Lots 1, 2, and 3, Block 10,
Outlot 8, Block 6, REARRANGEMENT
The object of this action is to obtain a judgment that Plaintiff is the owner, in fee simple, of the above-described real property, and that none of said Defendants have any estate or interest therein or lien thereon.
That no personal claim is made by Plaintiff against any of the Defendants.
Dated: August 25, 2022
Hanft Fride,
A Professional Association
            By: /s/  Charles H. Andresen
            Charles H. Andresen, #2604
130 W. Superior Street
1000 US Bank Place
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 722-4766
Attorney for Plaintiff
P. J. – September 8, 15 and 22, 2022
Minnesota Secretary of State CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333 1. List the exact assumed name under which the business is or will be conducted: Downtown Duluth 2. State the address of the principal place of business: 5 West First Street, Suite 101, Duluth, MN 55802 USA 3. List the name and complete street address of all persons conducting business under the above Assumed Name OR if an entity, provide the legal corporate, LLC, or Limited Partnership name Greater Downtown Council 5 West First Street, Suite 101 Duluth, MN 55802 USA 4. By typing my name, I, the undersigned, certify that I am signing this document as the person whose signature is required, or as agent of the person(s) whose signature would be required who has authorized me to sign this document on his/her behalf, or in both capacities. I further certify that I have completed all required fields, and that the information in this document is true and correct and in compliance with the applicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. I understand that by signing this document, I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in Section 609.48 as if I had signed this document under oath. Date: August 30, 2022 By /s/ Kristi Stokes P.J. – September 8 and 15, 2022

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