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Investigation into “student misconduct” to wrap up

After more than a month long investigation the Proctor Police Department were going to send the substantially thick report “ . . . .  to the juvenile county attorney early this week,” Proctor Chief Kent Gaidis said.


The city’s SRO (School Resorce Officer) and the departments sargent have finished all interviews surrounding the investigation and are getting ready to submit a report to the St. Louis County Attorney.  Although some follow up interviews may occur.


The Chief and sargent were expected to review the interviews and deliver the report “as soon as we can,” Gaidis said.


Gaidis was at the Proctor City Council meeting Monday night and did not mention the report during the session.


The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office will review the report and consider if charges are to be filed.


Football activities for Proctor players in grades 9-12 were canceled in September when an incident that allegedly occurred on Sept. 8 was reported to the police on Sept. 16.


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