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School alert parents to ‘slap a teacher’ game

Proctor schools officials who were reluctant to cite the number of vandalism incidents in the middle school last month have now reviled there were 10 acts of destruction to the bathrooms resulting in a Tik Tok challenge .  They have not revealed the cost of the damage.


The news comes as school officials alerted parents the morning of Friday, Oct. 1 of a new Tik Tok challenge.  The new challenge, they say, is that a “student should smack a staff member.”


Officials are asking parents and guardians for help saying students involved in the challenge could have serious consequences.


The notice, that when out to school district families, stated “if a student hits or slaps any member of the school community, this act will be charged as an assault and a student could also be expelled form Proctor Schools.


In addition, any student videoing the incident would be considered as an accomplice and could also f\have legal consequences and expulsion.


There is a TikTok challenge for every month of the 2021 school year,   Here’s the full list  circulating online suggests these are the challenges for each month of the school year:

September: Vandalize school bathrooms

October: Smack a staff member

November: Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school

December: Deck the halls and show your balls

January: Jab a breast

February: Mess up school signs

March: Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria

April: “Grab some eggz” (another stealing challenge)

May: Ditch day

June: Flip off in the front office

July: Spray a neighbor’s fence


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  1. Kelly Olson on October 1, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    Who is in charge of starting this moronic and most likely illegal garbage? In all the stupid things I did when I was in school none of it was vicious, directed at my elders or anyone else’s elders for that matter. I can’t understand why it shouldn’t be the perpetrators of this sort of action being somehow held responsible for the starting of this kind of behavior. I don’t think there should be any grace in the punishment for this by anyone. I also believe that the parents of young “adults” that are caught doing these kinds of things be responsible for their children’s behavior. I know I was.

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