Proctor’s Transportation Plan unveiled

Proctor residents got a chance to see the City’s Transportation Plan at two virtual open houses Thursday, January 14.


For those who missed the presentation a 4 minute video Click on “read more” to get to the video or copy and paste


The video shows concept designs for a number of streets and neighborhoods.


James Gittemeier, Principal Planner for the Metropolitan Interstate Council, explained the history of the plan at the beginning of the nearly hour-long presentation.


Proctor has completed several planning efforts in the past 20-years that includes Proctors transportation needs.  This plan, which was initiated in March 2020 and completed in December 2020, knits those efforts into a single vision and action plan, he explained.

The work done by the committee is an effort to create a comfortable and inviting environment for residents.  In addition a planned resurfacing of Hwy 2 will benefit the pedestrians and businesses along the corridor.

There is also an effort to make Second Street a signature street in Proctor.  As a key thoroughfare the city, St. Louis County and MnDOT will be involved in the process.


Boundary Avenue and the Munger Trail Spur were also discussed as well as possible funding strategies.


It was noted that 133 people have been following the progress of the Transportation Plan.


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