PHS Senior Class to march Monday to school to say they are ready to return

On Monday, October 19th members of the senior class of Proctor High School are staging a march to share their concerns about the current situation with distance learning in their school district.

Head organizer of the march, Senior student Sibley Dunbar says, “We want to bring awareness to the community that may not understand how our education and mental health is being affected, and also let the school district know that we need to find a better way, and now!”

Invited to participate will be the class of 2021, 2020, and other Proctor Alumni, as well as other students enrolled in Proctor Schools who share their concerns.  The student body will lead the march, but the parents are welcome to accompany young children.

The march is from Bayview Elementary to Proctor Senior High Ugstad Circle.

In a letter to the district informing them of the plan, Sibley shared “We love and miss our teachers dearly, we believe students who are more comfortable with distance learning should be able to continue to do so for the rest of the school year. We believe that teachers and staff who can’t be in the classroom due to health concerns should have a virtual teaching/work option.  But we also believe it is time to get students who are ready, back to the classroom – for our mental health, for the quality of our education, and for the future of this school district.

The middle school and high school students have been split into “a” and “b” groups. Group A does distance learning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Group B does distance learning on Wednesdays and Fridays. Students are only getting a half-hour with their teachers on those two days per week. An hour with our teachers is simply not enough. Students are asking for more than an hour per week with their beloved teachers. Elementary students are also divided into A and B groups and go to school 2 days a week at this time.

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