School closures, business limitations likely to continue

School closures, business limitations likely to continue

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said it is “probably inevitable” that the state’s K-12 schools will remain closed after this week, and restrictions on dine-in traffic at restaurants and bars are also likely to be extended.

Proctor Public Schools have plans in place to have remote learning for at least the next 10 days.

The closures and limitations went into effect last week as Minnesota’s COVID-19 cases, a respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus, remained in the double-digits. The number of cases has more than quadrupled since the state Department of Health reported 54 cases March 16 to 235 reported Monday.

Limitations on bars and restaurants went into effect March 17 and schools closed on March 18. Both were set to run through this Friday, but Walz said on Monday that it seemed more than likely to continue, just how long is unknown.

Walz said he thinks the state’s districts are well-prepared to do distance learning should in-person education cease this school year.

“We’ve considered everything,” the governor said Monday during a press briefing, crediting teachers for adapting and rising to the occasion. “As the situation evolves, it may need to become necessary to do that. We’re certainly considering everything.”

Proctor schools spent the last week putting lesson plans in place for distance-learning, including confronting the challenges of of broadband access in more rural areas and providing food to students who may rely on it.

For Proctor distance learning measures will go into effect Monday, March 30.

Walz said he continues to speak with other governors and agencies about the decision of a “stay-at-home” order, but as of Monday said “the data and science show there is not a clear cut answer on this” and not total agreement around the decisions. “Shutting everything down for two weeks won’t work.”

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