Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Is it time for Minnesota to have 'shelter-in-place' order
Is it time for Minnesota to have 'shelter-in-place' order

Proctor’s DWI chair Jeopardy question

© Proctor Journal
Proctor’s infamous DWI chair has officially become a national icon.

On Mon., Mar. 14 it became a jeopardy question.
The question appeared under the category “Dumb Criminals.”  It was the fourth category on the board and the final and most valued question at $1,000.

It was situated between “Habla Espanol?” and “We are the Wolves.

Ethan Dougherty, a journalist from Chicago and a Florida licensed alligator trapping agent, asked for the spot on the 16th clue of the game.

“A Minnesota man got a DUI for driving not a car but a redesigned recliner from this hyphenated Co; it could go 20 mph,” Alex Trebek, host of the show read.

“A La-Z-Boy,” Dougherty answered.  He got the answer right.

However, Proctorites know that it was not correct.  Those watching knew the Police Department and the City of Proctor lost over $40,000 when La-Z-Boy forced the online auction site ebay to close the bids at the last minute because La-Z-Boy said the chair was not theirs.

While Dougherty lead at the end of the jeopardy round, he faltered in the Double jeopardy and finished second in the game.

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