Chamber makes plea to open business

For nearly 100 days, many of our local businesses have been shuttered due to COVID-19. Workers have been furloughed, supply chains disrupted, and community engagement lost. Your Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce has worked tirelessly to identify resources, answer questions, facilitate discussions and advocate on your behalf to safely open again. This week we call on Governor Walz to take the final step and safely reopen all businesses no later than June 19.

Minnesota is ready. We know you are ready. You have safely prepared your facility with best practices, safeguarding your employees and customers. For those of you who are already safely serving customers, adding capacity would help cover costs of staff, supplies, or make it more economically viable to bring all employees back to work.

It is why your Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce is part of Minnesota Ready – a coalition of more than 50 local chambers and trade associations representing tens of thousands of Minnesota businesses and employees in every corner of the state. We stand ready to support you.

Our collective efforts throughout the week will include a call to action of Minnesota’s governor and legislators to safely reopen all businesses no later than June 19. Date certainty allows for advance notice to help you plan for changes in business practices, transition employees back safely, and promote your new practices to your customers to build their confidence in your operations.

We know that small businesses were disproportionately impacted by the stay-at-home executive order issued on March 13. But small businesses are the economic fuel of our community’s future. Nearly half of Minnesotans own or work for a small business and create two out of every three new jobs each year.  What’s more Minnesota’s small businesses continue to operate at only a small portion of their total capacity, leaving workers waiting for a full return to employment.

We ask you to step forward and join us by calling upon the Governor to safely reopen all businesses no later than June 19. We are Minnesota Ready.

  1. Submit letter to Governor Walz and legislators.
  2. Submit a letter to the editor to your local newspaper.
  3. Join us statewide online on Thursday, June 11 to share your business story and the impacts you’ve faced due to closure.
  4. Visit your business neighbors and ask them to join you in these efforts.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Business & Community – In Unity,


Kimberly Parmeter

Executive Director

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