Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Will you now be wearing a mask in public?
Will you now be wearing a mask in public?

Mayor Ward releases COVID-19 statement

Mayor Ward  releases COVID-19 statement 

Proctor Mayor Chad Ward will release a message about COVID-19 and the city’s response to the virus.  His message:

Stay Healthy and Informed.

Dear Residents,

Please know, first and foremost, that your health and safety are our top priorities when you are visiting the Proctor Area Community Center, City Hall, the Police Department, or any other City building.

I would like to remind residents, that the City of Proctor does have an Emergency Response Plan already in place and we will be revisiting this plan this week with other city agencies to update and reaffirm that the plan addresses pandemic emergencies and procedures and that it addresses all the issues that may come our way. We will continue to update the Emergency Response Plan, as things may change with the uncertainty that comes along with COVID-19.

However, at this time, we will continue with all City meetings and events as scheduled.

Should anything change, we will follow the guidance of the Minnesota State Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the St. Louis County Health Department for recommendations and direction.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and continue working with State, County, and City officials to make sure the City of Proctor is prepared to provide our citizens and community the best service available in this time of difficulties.

As a precautionary measure, heightened daily sanitation practices have been implemented for all areas of our building:

• Nightly sanitizing and increased frequency of disinfecting the floors, and all surfaces including the kitchen.

• Ensuring that all staff are trained in vigilant washing and cleaning.

• Scheduling personnel to sanitize restrooms continuously throughout the day and evening.

n Closely monitoring the health of our staff and enforcing all to stay home and not come to work if the slightest symptoms arise.

•  Hand sanitizer will be available for use, for all visitors and employees at the counter and in the council chambers.

• Continuous updates posted on bulletin boards at City Hall, on our website, and the City of Proctor’s Facebook page

We are dedicated to protecting our Proctor community as we have for the last 125 years, while ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees, citizens, and visitors. We pledge to double down even more on these efforts so we can all enjoy all the amenities a community like ours has to offer.

The City would also like to remind people to use your best decision making skills, when it comes to your own personal needs. Please remember the workers in the health industry are becoming overwhelmed with patients and clinics are running out of supplies, as are stores in the area. Let’s all work together and watch out for one another during this time. By working together we can and we will get through this pandemic emergency and be stronger when we do.

If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to avoid unnecessary trips to the Proctor Area Community Center, City Hall, the Police Department, or any other City building. If you need assistance with an issue, please call City Hall at 218-624-3641, or the Police Department at 218-624-7788. If it is an emergency please call 9-1-1.

Please watch our City website (, City Facebook page, Proctor Journal website ( or the bulletin board located outside the City Hall offices for any updates regarding COVID-19 and any cancellations or closures that may happen in the future.

Thank you all again for your understanding in these challenging times.

Mayor Chad Ward

City of Proctor


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